In need of a "get time from 0" node

Hi. The game time in seconds node is great but in my game i need to reset time to 0 at certain points, where it then counts up again, and am finding doing it a bit difficult.

I don’t think there’s a time node that counts up from 0?

Not sure the best way to do this. I could use set timer by event which loops but that seems lick a bit of a hack. Especially when I want the increments to be like the ‘game time in seconds’ node where it increments up in thousandths of a second.

Attached is the time widget i have where the game time is effectively subtracted from itself to give 0 and then .001 is added. Again this seems like a hack.

Any pointers?


Set a timestamp every time you reset the time or am I missing something?

The above solution is spot on but the timer is not a hack, it actually does this and more:

Its custom event fires when the time is up, so you have 3 months here, give or take. It’s easy to reset it.