In Level graphics

I am using Unreal as a virtual set tool. I am setting the set up to display infographics and was wondering if anyone could suggest the best workflow for creating text blocks. For Example: I have a place in the set where I want to have a 3d graphic of how a sinkhole is created. As the talent walks around this asset, different text blocks pointing to specific areas he/she is talking about would animate on and off. I want simple text/container graphics that would hover around the 3d asset. Any suggestions? Can they be built and animated in Unreal or do I have to build and animate in another program and then import to Unreal?

I think Epic already made that kind of text blueprint, it appear if you walk near it and the text keep facing you, and it’s gone when you walk away,
There is one in Content Example,
and I think there is one in Blueprint Office Example

I’ll check it out arzatri, Thanks for the heads up