In general, what do I need to learn (blueprints or c++) for my goals?

Hey, I wasn’t sure if this was the right place to ask this. I tried using the answer hub and didn’t quite find what I was looking for.

My background is 3D artist with both props and environments. I have zero experience with both programming and UDK but I am willing to learn what I have to in C++.
I’ve got access to “C++ Primer 5th Edition” and “Jumping Into C++” should I need to.

I’m not going to ask for specific things to learn, but maybe sweeping generalizations.

My first goals with UDK are as follows:

  • be able to select a character
  • order that character to move where I click or drag-drop a move command (think civilization 5) but only up to a max distance relative to the starting point
  • after moving or after skipping the move, order that character to fire at/attack an enemy by clicking the enemy
  • “end the turn” and thus giving the ability to repeat the above steps.

These would be my first very careful baby steps into making a turn based tactical game (think Warhammer/Warmachine).

Thank you in advance and sorry if this is not the place to ask this.

You can do all this in blueprints easily. IF its at a larger scale, you may need to learn C++ to prevent having a spiderweb of nodes (and probably optimization). I suggest you learn C++ either way, since its always good to know something extra. You can look up Rama’s tutorials on C++ in the wiki, he always has good beginner stuff up there.

Blueprint should be enough for something like that if you fell more compatibly with. C++ is needed if you wan to do a lot of operations on Tick

Thank you all. I’ll continue on with blueprints then and turn to C++ if I evolve it to something bigger.