In-game screen video recording for AR (iOS & Android)

Hi all! I’m building an AR drawing app and have hit a wall with screen recording. On iOS there are ways to use ReplayKit, but it appears there’s nothing at all available for Android. I’m hoping to find something that’ll let me record the screen from within the app at runtime.

I’ve seen this: possible thread, but as someone coming from mobile dev who’s new to anything non-Blueprint, I’m struggling to find info on how to use UMovieSceneCapture or ULevelCapture. Docs are very very sparse. Can anyone help with either a) more info about how to use UMovieSceneCapture, or b) a better solution for in-game video capture on Android or on both platforms?

Thanks in advance!

Did you find a solution?

This might be a good solution: Runtime Video Recorder x264 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace