In-Game prop placement


I was wondering if it possible with the Unreal Engine 4, to be able to have a system similar to Garrys mod for example where the player can place props/objects in game and join them together. I cant remember if I read somewhere if it can be done or not due to the lighting being pre made in the editor, would this cause problems?



I think its possible, every thing is possible since u got the souces. The lighting is not a problem u just have to use dynamic light on thoose props (rigid bodies?). I didnt subscribed yet so i cant help you how to do this at the moment.

Yep, it should be possible -> Here you can find some pretty cool videos about stuff that a UE4 beta user made: :///channel/UCBc38LaldK4qi1V-g_DJPyA/videos

Here is a video about how he joins some meshes together: ?v=NA9PKxVAzn4

cheers , that’s exactly what I was looking for i found the plugin used to do that here: https://wiki.unrealengine/'s_Vertex_Snap_Editor_Plugin. I want to use this feature so players can build structures in game like houses for example for use in a survival type game.