In Game model creator

Hello I would like to make a game where the player can build his/her own vehicle. See this video to gain a concept of what I would like. (Robot Arena 2 - Exploring The Workshop [MoD Plays...!] - YouTube) Time 1:31 - 13:40

My question is One if it is possible to do it within Unreal,and Two how to go about it.

I will make all the internal equipment, but how can I allow my players to make their own outer shell (a.k.a Armour)

A huge blueprint with a ton of static meshes to swap through and a gui to adjust the scale of them and a ton of static mesh sockets. I’d like some input on this myself.

Several developers are working on plugins to allow creating and deforming meshes at runtime. Here are some links to other threads:

How can I access the triangles of a static mesh?

Can you created meshes at runtime?

I guess the placement of the components should not be a problem for you.

If you don’t find the plugins useful consider modelling various versions of outer shells and let the player choose one, although the freedom of the players will be severely limited by this.

Let me know if this helped!