In-game Minimap Question

Looked in the forums, so far, i didnt see anything covering this … there is a lot of stuff and i may have missed it.

Question is: The minimap in-game, does that work itself out, or, do i have to make it? I have been running around for about 30 min on my own map and i dont see it “discovering” the new areas i am in. Now, the smaller areas (start points really) that happen to be uncovered right now, look like they maybe my map, but, im not really sure its working as intended due to not discovering anything at all.

Should have a MOD section and a MAP section on these forums so mappers are asking the right people about maps lol (nothing against the mods guys, jsut, keeps everything clean and easy to find)

Hi, you need to do the minimaps yourself like that :

And after overide them in ‘World Settings’.

You also need to change ‘Longitude Scale, Latitude Scale’ depending to the size of your map.

Hey if your looking for a mini map like mine, where its separate from the main map. Let me know, I plot NPC locations in UMG widget.

the default works for me …
@DavidBC - how did you get your map to look like that? I think i read some place that taking a ton of sky views and pasting them all together works, but, all the sky stuff blurs me out lol …
How do i know whats north, east, south, west?
I guess im confused on how to get from map > minimap picture (i understand the rest of it, about adding it in and such)

You can disable the sky, in viewport click on ‘Show’ and uncheck ‘Have True Sky Active’. You can also hide your ocean, and change Lit to unlit to hide the shader.

Once you get a screenshot of your map from top view, go to photoshop and draw the map yourself like that :

Awesome, thank you so much for the help DavidBC