In-game micro-transactions

Hey Everyone!

I have been working on some external features that I wanted to use for a game idea I had. I thought the features might be valuable to other developers too, so I built a system to be flexible enough to accommodate many games at once. This demo is featuring the micro-transactions system, which can be used with the long-running server tools.

Like the others, it’s going to be free, with open source plugins, and open source tutorials.

In this demo, I show buying items from an in-game store, and earning awards by completing objectives.

Again, I’m looking for interested devs that want to work with these tools pre-release.

This is amazing.

Hi UEtopia/Ed.

I really like what you’re doing here. We have very similar game design goals: Server to Server Persistence (awesome post by the way), In-game micro-transactions, and I’m certain a few others. Are you by chance developing a game like this one?

A few years back, I developed a Virtual Currency System for (which evolved into for use in multiple game titles. I’m currently writing the ArcakdeKomodo Online API/ UE4 Online Sub System.

I’m interested in working with pre-release tools. Are you offering a OSS/API? Are you offering Web Backend to serve the Account Pages?

Thanks! I’m excited to hear that people are interested in this stuff! =)

Yes, the Online Subsystem is a plugin, and it will be open source.

The backend api will be available with wrappers and example code. The web backend will be provided, with a full developer interface, and all of the player related views.

Dragon’s Gold looks super cool btw.

Thank you in regards to D$G. This sounds fantastic. Lets discuss further, perhaps on Discord/Skype/Private Message? Other Tools I use: UnrealEngine 4 v.4.15, Perforce Source Control, TeamViewer, Trello.

Is there a way I can get access to this?