In game market

Does anyone know how or are there and tutorials on how to implement an in game market? Like jetpack joyride or temple run? Player collects coins or jewels and then they can use those coins and spend it on power ups or lives. Or allow the player to buy coins with real currency. I don’t even know where I would begin with it so any help would be greatly appreciated!:slight_smile:


Moving this to IOS, or if you’re targeting Android let us know

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There are Blueprint nodes for in-app purchases. How to set this up in itunes connect is shown in the Apple documents. To make it work you need to add an ini setting.
See here: iOS in-app purchases not working when deploying from windows - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums

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We do not have any docs in place, but you may find my post below useful.

Hegi is correct, you’ll need to make some changes to an ini to add support. As well as understand the setup process for In App Purchases through Apple or Google Play. You may find these docs useful.


I hope these are of assistance