In-game feedback for effects in cascade

I am looking to set up some in game values back into cascade, and I was wondering if it were possible. I want to do a couple things.

Based on speed or acceleration I want to change a particles
and opacity.
Also I’d like to add custom values in, (for example in a wheel effect if I wanted to spawn or change the effect based on the wheel’s sideways slip is there a way to add them in? Another example would be how hard a car rams into something or if a character falls and hits from different heights)


Hey FreddyHoops -

Any of the modules in Cascade can be given a Distribution(Float/Vector)Particle Parameter where you can assign a name which can then be set in Blueprints from a Set Float Parameter or Set Vector Parameter (Particle) node.

Here is an example in a Dynamic Parameter:

Thanks I’ll check that out asap.

Fred, you should also be able to use the different particle specific material expressions to get some of the control you are talking about.

Look at the snow flake materials in the Effects Cave sample to see how to sample speed and modify attributes…the particle specific expressions are crazy powerful.

More on instance Params here…

Thanks for the info!