In game drawing and Shape recognition

Hello, I have been thinking about a cool idea for a game and need some advice on how to pull it off. The basis is the player has a notepad and throughout the game they learn spell shapes (for example a square). The player would be able to draw a shape in the notepad and if the shape they drew is similar enough to one of the shapes they learned it would activate an event specific to that shape (for example spawning a projectile blueprint). Does anyone know a way to pull this off?

I don’t know how to code it but I know there is a VR plugin that has movement recognition in it. Maybe you can do some reverse engineering to see how it works in his plugin.

I’m not sure that I am getting the idea correctly, but as I understand it, you need a system to recognize, whether a shape drawn by the user matching a specific shape in your system?
If it’s that what you want you could use a neural network to do so. You would send the drawn user input to a CNN, it will send than a probability back, how sure the system is, that it matches a specific shape.

Thanks! I will try these.