In game custom map editor

How do I do a in game custom map editor? I’ve seen someone done it but I prefer doing it on my own. How does it work and what needs to be done? I’m still new to Unreal Engine.

There are a few tutorials floating around the internet specific to UE4 (Google or YouTube).
You can also find some on this forum and on the Market Place.

Is it okay if you link me those tutorials? I’ve tried searching and only found one but that’s not a tutorial but rather a view of how it looks like. Also isn’t marketplace for paid assets? I would like to do it on my own. It’s because I’m still new that’s why I need more experience by doing it on my own.

Apologies for posting on an old thread but did you ever find a tutorial? I’ve googled around and looked on youtube but I’ve never found an actual tutorial on how to make an in game map editor in unreal 4, whether blue prints or C++. People have made editors but no one describes how they went about doing it. Which is bizarre because I’d have thought it’d be a very commonly asked for thing.