In Game Character Customization and Menu Screen Interface

If these tutorials already exist please share a link to them.

Otherwise, this is a request for tutorials. The first would be a how to do a visual character customization similar to Oblivion, where you can change the shape of the mesh dynamically and also change clothing of the character while in game based on events.

Also, another request (and if I just couldn’t find it, please point it out to me), is how to do the opening menus (Play, Load, New Game, etc) for an unreal game.

Thanks for any attention on this thread.

Character customization is quite a large topic, which would need to cover a lot of other tools as well (you will do a great deal of the work for this in your DCC packages, not UE).

On the HUD/Interface side: I would recommend that you look up “Slate” (Epic’s UI system, that’s what you see when you work in the editor) or external tools like Coherent UI. I do remember seeing some base tutorials on Slate on the forums or AnswerHub. Epic are working on a complete UI system (i think it’s called “UMG” for Unreal Motion Graphics, or something along those lines) but as far as I know that’s a few months away still.

Don’t forget to download the various sample projects they provide with the subscription, they might help give you something to start with (I must say, though, documentation is scarce on this topic).


We’ve seen several requests to dive into this topic! We’re discussing the best way to do it, but hopefully we’ll have something in the future.

would be nice, the girls in my test project still walking naked. because of this of course. will need that tut later…

This is good to hear, I’d be very interested in this. Is there any way it could involve armor/head customization? Being able to swap between head/armor models and edit modifiable materials?