In-Game Advanced Measurement System [BP] [FREE]

Hey devs!

Been developing this lil tool for last 8 hours, I’ll improve it further, here’s my Google Drive Folder where you can find the project and my GitHub to check the upcoming changes!


Hi, thanks for sharing it!

This tool is awesome!

I’ve been worked many days try add the measure bp to my project from colab template,
but did not understand how it works at all…

Thanks for your generous sharing!

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It may have a few issues as like said - it’s a 8-10h of work

I knew the whole idea but mostly I struggled with:

  1. Combining Structs with my Arrays to create ‘TArray’ which is normally not supported in BP’s and somehow I never really user Structs xD
  2. Overall idea of selecting/switching between measures
  3. Properly delete objects and maintain my Arrays to work with all possibilities

But finally I got it all together! And I am really proud of what I just achieved, next one thing I am gonna prepare is a procedurally created meeting rooms for PC non and VR which you can also follow on my GitHub!

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This tool is more than I could expect, it’s really a useful toolkit!

after few minutes test I just figured out I have to enter E key to trigger the function…
(still not understand what delta amount does though…)

but this tool is beyond the colab template just provided,
the continuous measurement, delete all and sum up function are genius!

Thanks again for your kindly work!

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Glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Delta is the ammount of units you add every time you move the sphere forward or backward
so basically
Shift + Mouse Wheel Up = Actual sphere location + Delta
Shift + Mouse Wheel Down = Actual sphere location - Delta

bump as it has been moved from a different sub-forum ;]

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