In future unreal engine is paid?

in future unreal engine and it’s update is free or paid?
because gamesalad was free and now it’s paid.
I learn unreal engine 4 for month.we learn any engine for 1 or 2 years.Then if those game engine becoming paid then our 2years are lost

Nothing like that is decided rn. even if the engine becomes paid it will probably be a major version. so for example Unreal engine 5

I have laptop with specification 8gb ram (ddr4),corei5 (processor speed 1.6 to 1.8,max boost 3.1), graphics card MX110 GDDR5.but it crash sometime and engine is slow performance.
I also set my NVIDIA graphic card for Unreal engine 4.but UE4 crash.Its really frustrating.
what is the reason?
what should I do? how solve that problem?

try lowering the settings i guess. i got a 4gb, i7. even though my ram is low its works ok.