(in editor)dedicated server replication only runs while window is focused


I have either run into a bug or some unfortunate piece of resource saving in the editor.

First, I’ve made a partial ragdoll based on hit and ragdoll system that works flawlessly single player. However, in attempts to set proper replication I’ve had all kinds of trouble. Most I am happy to trouble shoot and fix myself, but my main issue doesn’t seem to be my project.

When I open a dedicated server in two windows for two players. My overlap ragdoll events run just fine but my hit event partial ragdolls were not. At first, I thought okay well I’ve got my replication messed up. However, just to test, prompted by a suspicion that the window I didn’t currently have clicked wasn’t replicating-- I set the gun to keep firing automatically, then focused the window of the one getting hit. All of a sudden it is replicating. Is this just an in editor issue?

And if that is a resounding yes, that it throttles down the replication on windows that aren’t active-- why is it that it seems to update the one from the active window, with the one from the non active window up setting that window as your focus. This is confusing but here is a video demonstrating. —>YouTube Video Demonstrating

**Also my replications are off, movement is always slightly off. Ragdolls don’t match up and scripts that run sometimes replicate fine and sometimes do not. This inconsistency is making it hard for me to iron these out. **

also as you can see in the beginning, now before it will play and load proper you have to focus on both screen one, then the other. This happened because I set the mesh to replicated by function in event editor… I set the mesh, the capsule component and self to server to replicate by function called in begin play to see if it helped my issue. The capsule setting to replicate by node in event editor actually helped the movement rep to be more precise, the mesh set to rep by function caused that weird issue where I have to have clicked on both client screen before it loads. Such strange results.

It’s only in 4.13.0 so I am not overly worried about it. Solution use a different build.