in desperate need of help...

hi guys,

ive been trying so hard for weeks now,looking on google,reading the forums and im just not getting anywhere but i dont want to give up so as my last resort i thought i would post in here,and hopefully you guys can help me out.

i’ll go through what ive done exactly so far…

created a model in daz studio,exported it as a .fbx 2014

followed this tutorial on youtube - YouTube in motionbuilder exactly to try and get the character into unreal engine and its just not working.

i get a "failed to import…failed to create asset ‘/game/…nameoffile’ everytime.

can somebody please help me out,i really dont know what im doing wrong,ive followed so many different tutorials to try and get my characters in,and i pretty much keep getting this error no matter what tutorials i follow.

it feels like im hitting my head against a brick wall…thanks

Is there more text associated with the error ?

everything goes exactly like it should do in motionbuilder(like it does in the video)importing the character from daz into motionbuilder goes fine,applying the motionfiles i have goes fine,the daz character animates in motionbuilder as it should do.i save it as a .fbx(binary)…open up unreal and press import,select the file i saved from motionbuilder…im noticing that when the fbx import options open up in unreal the "import as skeletal"is never checked so i have to check it manually,i leave the skeleton as “none”,click import and this it exactly what it says…"failed to import '…/…/…/…/…/…/users/myname/desktop/model.fbx. failed to create asset ‘/game/model’ and that is all it says.

OK not much to go on. Can you try …

Load the exported file into another 3d program to prove its good, I need to load my Daz files into 3ds max first.

Make sure Sub-D is off when you export, this cuases problems for 3ds Max.

Try loading into a new project just incase theres some stuff lying around from previous failed imports.

W Jones

thanks so much for the replys w jones…its definately a problem from motionbuilder side,i can import the model directly from daz into unreal,and from daz>3ds max>unreal,but i cannot get the model with animations applied to go from motionbuilder into unreal for some reason,talk about confused.

OK I don’t know montion builder, but my Daz 4.6 comes with Ainmate2… for that you “bake key frames to anim track” (or similar)… or else the anim doesn’t export.

I usually get this error when the data is not plotted down to the skeletal rig and the control rig is still turned on. It’s not importing anything because there is nothing to import more or less.The problem I see with the tutorial is it’s all being done as one big chunk (OBFF don’t ask;) ).

The better work flow for me is to import the Daz model into UE4 (and there will be issues) and into Motion Builder to establish a match set of skeletons.

Next I create a source folder for the exported animations from Motion Builder that I can import per take into UE4. (if under UE4 it gets updated for you with out having to re-import)

Once that’s done I then do my thing as to whats needed (per take) and plot everything down to the skeletal rig (very important) and check to make sure that the Character Control > Character > Source is set to none.

This where where I think things generally goes off the rails. In the tutorial you will be saving everything in Motion Builder “native” format and it’s up to the target app to extract the information from the wrapper and that’s a lot of structure data.

The better work flow since you already have a matched set of skeletal rigs in MB and UE4 is to export just the animation takes.

With source set to none go Character Controls > File > Save Character Animation

You will be presented with a save option and I usually set to Save One Take Per File (the take name is used as the name of the exported FBX file)

Next step is the option screen that you can tell MB what to export.

In this case you don’t need to Save Control Rig but might want to Save Character Extension and more so if using the Epics blue man or using AUX helpers.

Select the takes you want and hit the go button.

Since the Daz rig is already in UE4 ready to accept animation you can then just grab all of your saved takes, drag them in as an import and tell the dialogue to target the Daz rig and and just sit back and watch the fun.

Now here is the big reason why you would want to use this work flow instead of OBFF. It can take up to five minuets, or even more, just to update a single clip but as a take it will update faster than you can switch between MB and UE4.

Just saying. :smiley:

ok guys,thankyou for making me think about different pipelines.

what i have found that is working is…

daz 3d-motionbuilder-3dsmax-unreal engine 4

im saving the fbx character from daz,importing that into motionbuilder and adding the animations,then sending it to 3ds max from motionbuilder,saving it as an fbx in 3ds,then exporting that into ue4 and it seems to be working,character comes in with animation.

what i have noticed though is in motionbuilder i apply about 6 different anims to the character,export it to 3ds and only the 1 animation i have selected at the present time in motionbuilder goes into 3ds,not all 6,so what i am having to do is export the anims one at a time from 3ds and import the anims one at a time in ue4,character and anim comes in.