In Depth Animation Blueprint

So I’m just getting my feet wet in animation for ingame characters. I followed the tutorials and I have a character that jumps, but it’s not to the quality I would like. I have a jump start, jump loop, and jump end animation. The blueprint is set up so that he it checks if the character is in the air and it plays the jump start animation, when that’s done (or nearly done) it blends to the loop animation, and as soon as he’s not in the air anymore, it plays the land animation. But like I said, it leaves much to be desired. For one thing, whenever the charater falls off a ledge it plays the jump start animation, since he’s in the air.

What I would like is to have a jump start, jump rising, jump peak, jump descending, and jump land. And I’d like the jump descending animation to play when he walks off a ledge, not the jump start. I would also like to ideally have separate jump land animations depending on whether he is moving (landing and continue running) or still (blending to the idle). Animating all this it is no sweat, but I have no idea how to set that up in Blueprint. I would like it so that when I push the jump button it give the charater a few frames to wind up before he leaves the ground (Animation trumps design!). I guess I just need a really in depth course on animation blueprints, but I can’t find any. The video tutorials here and documentation are very light on the subject. Does anyone know of a good resource for this?

Just a couple hints that could solve some of this.

No resources, but some info that might help your searches:

The standard jump implementations seem to only rely on the IsFalling flag, you’ll need to add your own IsJumping flag that is set when jump is pressed. That way you can differentiate between being in the air because of a jump or just a fall. Then just reset it using the OnLanded event.

There’s also a “notify apex” option that is off by default, I haven’t used it myself but it may give you the hook into “jump peak” that you need.

For the windup, you can potentially use an anim notify here, or add some timed “pre-jump” flag that triggers the jump when it finishes.

Thank you very much for the reply, I can’t wait to try this out!