In/Decrease Flashlight Intensity/Attenuation Issue

I’m having some trouble with a flashlight actor’s spot light not increasing and decreasing with the blueprint pictured below. I’ve used it on a different project where the flashlight was simply a spotlight attached to the player and it worked like a charm. What am I doing wrong?

I’m using ue4 v 4.18

Right off i see your not comparing your flot to anything

Other than that is you flashlight gettintg input?

Hm, this is how I have it set up in my other project but I may have accidentally deleted the variable? Unfortunately I’ve not got a lot of experience with blueprints so I’m not quite sure what I’m missing

Yes it does have input. The flashlight turns on and off as it should. I just can’t seem to get the intensity and attenuation to adjust. here is a picture of the other part of the bp.

by default the “is light boolean” is set to true

Any ideas by chance?

what have you tried thus far? have you tried substituting your mouse wheel event with a axis event? did you try putting a value for the compare float? when you try your blueprint what actually happens if anything?

also your bools seem backwards imo. your setting the light visibility to true but setting is light on to false that seems a bit backwards.