In-Camera VFX

hey guys, this is probably a silly question, but I found this quote in the unreal engine documentation, in “Unreal Engine 4.25 Release Notes”:

"New: In-Camera VFX Updates (Beta)
Since our In-Camera VFX tools were first introduced, we’ve worked with numerous partners to bring the Unreal Engine into real-world film and TV development projects, filming live action scenes in front of LED screens. We’ve taken all that experience and turned it into several improvements to the existing workflows and tools "

but where do I find the documentation for these “In-Camera VFX tools”? Or any other reference, example projects on how to use or implement these tools. Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

In-Camera VFx basically means using nDisplay to render from Unreal to a wall of LED panels. You get the benefit of live compositing your actors on the virtual background, with light and reflections already applied from the screens instead of having to add them in post.
It’s the workflow you see shown in this project spotlight: Real-Time In-Camera VFX for Next-Gen Filmmaking | Project Spotlight | Unreal Engine - YouTube
We’re working on documenting the whole process of setting up a stage, but it involves a lot of considerations that aren’t just about how to use the engine (like for example the best ratios between the pitch of the LED screens and the distance of the camera). Look for a white paper on the subject coming out soon.

Hi ! Do you have an example project for us to toy with in the meantime ?
I’m having difficulties to see how to setup things in the editor in the first place.
Intuitively there should be some reprojection of the camera view on the LED wall but I’m struggling to see how to do that in ue4 at the moment.
An example project could give us a grasp of all the things involved engine-side.

Thanks in advance,

There is a sample and a white paper in the works, but I’m not sure when those will be released. Basically you need to use nDisplay to distribute the rendering across multiple computers:…lay/index.html
Even simple uses of nDisplay can be hard to wrap your head around, and an LED wall is even more complex, so your frustration is totally understandable. This is super new tech that is changing rapidly and that is challenging to set up even with direct help from Epic engineers. I promise we are working on making it simpler and getting examples out into the world, so unfortunately I have to beg your patience. :confused:

Hey guys! I found the following online resources really useful when setting up and trying to understand nDisplay:

Hope you get it all going, it’s great fun once it’s working!