In Blueprint I have 2 Sounds and I want it to choose random between this two

English: I have my Blueprint from First Person Projectile (from Example Project) I put into the Blueprint 2 Sounds (Play sound at Location) and I want it to choose randomly between this 2 (or more) sounds. Is that possible?
I cant find any Tutorial in the internet. So hope somebody of you can help me.

Deutsch: Ich habe in meinem Blueprint von einem Beispiel Projekt 2 Sounds eingefügt (Play sound at location) und ich will das immer wenn der Sound benötigt wird EINER von BEIDEN Zufällig ausgewählt wird
Danke im vorraus :smiley:

You must use SoundCue asset with Random function inside it, and play this sound cue, instead of wave file.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: