In App purchases via C++: Find out if product is already purchased

Hey guys,

First off, I am really sad about the state of Android & iOS platform support in UE4. Long story short, the BP implementation of IAPs (and ads, for that matter) is horrendous. The docs are missing and the “Read in app purchase information” method did not even work until I had to inject 3 extra lines of java code into the engine (using 4.10).

Now, I am not here to whine around. I have one particular problem: when the game starts, I would like to make sure the user has access to all the IAP products which he already purchased on his Google/iOS account. In Google Play ref ( there is a getPurchases() method. In Unreal, there is nothing. This is terrible, and basically we can’t release our app without that functionality (what if the user reinstalls the app on his other device - he will have to make all the purchases again. At least the game would be trying to do that). I am trying to figure out how to implement it in c++ on my own, so if anyone has a working or at least WIP code/plugin here - I would appreciate it.

I agree I would like more functionality - its very difficult to even attempt to make a game for profit right now on android, with very limited device support anyone going fully paid will have to refund a bunch until they get the exclusions right. IAPs were bugged - just leaving this here in-case you haven’t seen it - this will be fixed in 4.10.1 - admob integration is pretty mild

good to see unreal android getting a lot of love in 4.10-11 - but after seeing unity unite presentation on their mobile offerings, feeling foolish choosing this route & hope things change soon

also - the pick 3 sample should be coming out soon which is a complete end to end solution

yeah, that’s the fix I applied manually.

Unless they really get to it, without the ad provider plugins and interstitials support it’s really pointless to choose UE4 for f2p mobile game with IAPs.

AND without being able to check the already-purchased IAPs.

any answer for your question?

I got back to developing desktop games with no IAPs. But I think in the later versions of UE4, after I published the initial post, the support for IAPs was improved.