In-App Purchases in BP...Please help

I have an app on the Google Play Store. I have set up the permissions for IAPs, set up an external login to run on a loop until successful, and then when I enter my in-game store, it will populate my IAPs based on my active IAPs on the google play store. When I test this locally using the current uploaded version number and transferring it to my phone manually through my PC, the store populates fine. When I upload a new version to the store and download it from Google Play, however, I get nothing. Also, when I click on the individual IAPs when testing locally, it gives me an error (from Google) that states my app is not configured for IAPs. I have checked with Google and they said everything on their end looks right. This tells me it is something in my app, but I can’t figure out what would be causing this. Anyone know how to fix this?