In-App Purchases in BP...Please help

I have struggled with the set up for IAPs in the past. I finally got it working…or I should say it appeared to be. When I test the app locally using the same version code as is uploaded and live on my Google Play Store the IAPs populate in my store properly when tested. However, when I upload a new version to make them active for all users, the store does not populate. I have the external UI login node set to run on a loop until the user gets connected, so I know that is not the problem. Has anyone run into this issue, and/or know how to fix it?

I have in the “extra permissions” section. I have the external UI login running on a loop until successful. In localized testing, it logs in fine. It populates my store based on the array I have set up with the IAP store IDs. When I click on one, however, it goes to the make a purchase part, but then comes up saying the app is not configured for In-App purchases. Why would this be happening?

Also, I tried installing SDKBOX, since everything I read stated it made IAPs for android so much simpler. However, the plugin rendered my entire project file unusable, and I had to uninstall the plug in and reload a backup of the project to fix it. Seriously, any help would be much appreciated.

Can you send me your blueprint for in app purchase working? Please