In-app purchase tutorial?

Hi, i know there’s a system for in-app purchases for iOS and Android games, I’m basically looking for something that teach me how to make a simple in-app purchase which ask for 1$ and give 100 in-game coins.
Any help?

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Hi noblex, could you please leave 4 days between bumps. Cheers. :slight_smile:

You could also try asking this on AnswerHub. Points make a good incentive for people to answer your question quickly. :slight_smile:

Any help? At least some documentation!

This would be very useful.

There’s some documentation on the wiki about dlc somewhere. Currently on a phone so can’t find it for you but take a look there. It’s very similar so should help you!

Yes, it would be nice to have this for sure.

If (do I dare say ‘when’?) this happens it’d be nice to get info on all forms of how to earn money in apps - in-app purchases, ads, how to customize ads (e.g those in Crossy Road are on a 3d widget swishing by), how to add a ‘remove ads by purchasing app’ button and anything else that I can’t think of right now.

Thank you!

The method I propose is not dedicated to IOS, but may offer more versatility. It requires knowledge of HTML/PHP/SQL/JSON in which you can find tutorials for each here. I implemented a Cash-to-Credits/Virtual Item Store using HTTPs Webserver, PHP/MySQL Database, and Paypal IPN(Tutorial Vid). I intend to use a this method for my UE4 FPSRPG.

In a nutshell, I setup a Hosted HTTPs Server & MySQL Database, and Paypal IPN scripts to provide URLs for my Game and Paypal to communicate with. Player’s purchased Credits and Virtual Items from my Website, paying through Paypal. When the transaction is completed, Paypal sends a request (notification) to the IPN Script (PHP) on my Webserver. Within this IPN script I added code & SQL updated the Database, creating player accounts, adding credits, and virtual items to player’s account. A custom PHP script handled Game’s Request (JSON) to HTTP Webserver/DB to query info on the Player’s statistics, credit balance, virtual items owned etc. (Note: for security, this data is only stored and processed on the WebServer, with Game Client read-only view).

My next iteration of the Cash-To Credit system will be using JSON Query Plug-in, WordPress CMS/WooCommerce and Multiple Payment Processor IPN’s to include Applestore if possible.](Arcade Komodo: Development Game Plan by F.L. Taylor)Click to Download the INSECTOIDZ Proof of Concept 2004 (Requires DX7).
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Hi all,

This has actually been asked and addressed on the Android forum, and Terence Burns is on it: in-app purchase - Mobile - Epic Developer Community Forums

Please follow that thread for updates. Thanks very much!

Sincere Thanks wittlief!

I got lost following the links within links:…n-app-purchase

Took liberty to post them here.


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We do not have any docs in place, but you may find my post below useful.…l-4-blueprints

Hegi is correct, you’ll need to make some changes to an ini to add support. As well as understand the setup process for In App Purchases through Apple or Google Play. You may find these docs useful.…ing_admin.html


I hope these are of assistance


Thanks for that, TechLord!

Hi again, sorry for my late answer. So to make in-app purchase support in UE4 i have to modify the source of UE4 itself and compile it?
Can i have further information?

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