In-App purchase google play to disable ads.

Is it possible to make a request that the player has already made a purchase(product identifier)? Or save some bool about it in google play services and retrieve it(thinking about adding Achievement(after successful purchase) and use ‘Get Cached Achievement Value’)? I don’t want to save it in ‘SaveGame’, because what if player is going to change phone/memory card or is going to fully delete app(with save file included). Sorry for mistakes.

You can use the Restore Purchase node and drag from the green pin and do Switch on ENUM, then you can make custom logic for “Already Owned”, this fetches data from that account. As a fail-safe I implemented a save game for it too, it gets stored right after purchase and is used from that point onward. In case there is no internet access so that it doesn’t lockout from already purchased DLC.

Thanks a lot!