In-app purchase basics

Hi there!

I’m struggling with the basics of in app purchases (implemented using C++). Any help would be appreciated!

My original code used IOnlineStore but now it seems there is a much more robust looking IOnlineStoreV2 so I’ve switched over to using that. Questions are:

  1. Can I use a sandbox account to access IAPs that have not yet been approved by Apple?
  2. Should I expect GetOffers to return a list of offers (and is there any way this can work for Sandbox accounts) or do I need to provide my own list of product IDs?

I have other questions - such as how to go about restoring prior purchases however once I have an approach to testing some of these will probably answer themselves.



Third question!

  1. How do I get a valid FUniqueNetId for a vanilla IOnlineSubsystemIOS user? Looks like I need one for GetReceipts to work.