In a 2D world (paper2D), how do you make an actor follow the player? Example: child follow father?

As the title states, I need to know exactly how to have an actor (AI) follow the character (Player). The goal here is to have the player lead the AI to safe zones all whilst inside a 2D platformer world. I understand the concept of:
Get actor location and player location in each tick. If actor’s X location is greater (or less depending on which side he is on) than Player’s X location, move to point, but I cannot for the life of me figure this out in BP. Can someone give me a step by step on an easy way to do this? I’m about to go crazy here with this 2D stuff. 3D in Unreal is SO much easier, but the client wants 2D so he gets 2D. Please no "Go watch the Unreal Tutorials on Paper 2D answers… I have watched them all and NONE of them cover even basic moving AI. Thank you!

Well I found the solution. After much digging and zero info on this in, I figured I would share my findings for anyone else having issues here.

First you MUST make this is the “Level” Blueprint (Blueprints>Open Level Blueprint)

Screenshot is below (attached).

Added the same pic twice in the attachments. Disregard the second one.


Thanks for posting your solution, had the same issue. seems a bit niche so no official docs to solve.