In 5 years I have never seen an Epic rep help anyone least of all me, WHY?

sarcastic non-answers from insecure
unemployed gamers

I like how you summarised the only people who actually try to help you out, as always. Not your first rodeo, right?

I saw the answer you got to this, I think. It was not sarcastic - it was a correct answer, imho. It was probably a migration error. Remove the offending node, and re-add it. Refresh does not work on those.

What’s wrong with it? It still does not work?

You should absolutely go to UNITY - you promised before, years ago… yet here we still are :wink:

Now while i do agree to some extent. His general argument is still valid.
Epic Reps should be more active on Answerhub. It is their engine, who better to answer questions or gather answers to questions about the engine if they themselves don’t have it.
The documentation is severely lacking so answering questions about it would help if they don’t plan on improving the documentation itself.

Especially with bug reports or other engine related issues that are not that easily googlable.

I can ask the simplest question. like how to get rid of a silly ‘SELF REFERENCE’ Node error, and other than sarcastic non-answers from insecure unemployed gamers,

weeks later I just have to ASK AGAIN…

So come on, let me know I should go back to UNITY or ANSWER A QUESTION ONCE In A WHILE!! Quit giving us Free stuff and give us a tiny bit of help…

You should see OP berate people in the forums :expressionless: for years. And then proceed to delete threads / posts. Approach with caution.

Apart from that, agreed. But the very first thing you see when entering the AH is that Epic staff does not help - there’s a statement. It’s a community driven hub. It was not the case in the early years when AH was not so full of trivial, repetitive and, often, nonsensical questions.

In case you were curious about the issue in question and could chip in: