In 4.12 Timeline stops when using Move Component To

Since upgrading to 4.11 (and now continuing with the 4.12 upgrade) I have been having an issue with Timelines and Move Component To. I use a Timeline to bob my actor and down. Then I use Move Component To to move my actor from one place then another. Since the upgrade when I start the Move Component to, the timeline stops functioning.

More info:
I am hoping someone wiser than I with UE4 can help me. Any ideas are appreciated. I have to present Wednesday and I am using VR so 4.11 and 4.12 vastly improve the experience with Oculus Runtime 1.3.
Since 4.11 (and still happening in 4.12) my Timelines seem to stop functioning when moving my actor with Move Component To.
Here’s how everything is set up. I have a actor blueprint, I have a custom event in the blueprint that’s called Walk. When I call Walk it starts a Timeline that simply bobs the actor up and down on the z access. Timeline works fine like this. Now when the actor is “walking”, bobbing up and down, I call Move Component To to move the actor from one TargetPoint to another. The actor moves from one point to another just fine, and before 4.11 the actor would bob up and down while the moving is taking place.
Now, the actor stops bobbing up and down and moves smoothly from one TargetPoint to the other.
I don’t know what changed that is impacting Timelines and Move Component To.
Please let me know if you have any questions that could help me figure this issue out.
Thank you!