Impulse not working when a force radial is added to blueprint

Ive created a swing of sorts with 2 actors one static, and the other moveable with physics enable connected to a physics constraint. if i run into the actor in game it swings after collision with my character.
but i cannot get impulse to work by either adding the radial force actor through components or using the add radial force component.
force strength also doesn’t seem to work either again through components or when created using the add radial force component through blue-script.

any help would be appreciated.


Hi elbonito,

Thank you for the feedback. I was able to reproduce what you are seeing. The RadialForce doesn’t have any effect while inside of a blueprint. I also tested this in our latest internal build and it is working properly now. Expect to see this fixed in a future update.

As a workaround the RadialForceActor does interact with the blueprint if it’s placed in the persistent level.

Thanks, TJ

cool thanks

I’m having a similar issue. Radial force actor spawned (not attached) by a blueprint has no effect, while if the same actor with the same settings is placed in the level blueprint it works fine.

Is this the same issue, or is it something else? Is the original issue fixed yet?

Thank you.

Hi Zumf,

Which version of the editor are you currently using? I just tested this in 4.5.1 and it is working correctly.

I’m using 4.7.4 and neither Radial Force nor Radial Impulse seem to have any impact. I think they are both broken now.

Hi ,

I just tested this in 4.7.6 but I couldn’t get your results. There wasn’t any fixes implemented between 4.7.4 & 4.7.6 that should have effected this.

Could you post some screenshots of your setup?

Hi TJ, I’m having issues with this on 4.7.6 and 4.8.

I made a BP Actor with a Radial Force Component parented under a cube (root) with Simulate Physics enabled, set the Force Strength to 5 000 000 and checked Ignore Owning Actor.

(From 4.7 release notes; “New: Added ‘Ignore Owning Actor’ option to Radial Force Component, to allow force/impulse to ignore all components of the owning Actor.”)

The force field repels both external physics objects and its own parent.

Edit: I somewhat got this to work using Fire Impulse, but it still affects its parent if part of a BP that’s spawned using Add Child Actor Component.

Hi bzxo,

Thank you for the report. I was able to reproduce this behavior in 4.8 and also in our latest internal build. I’ve created JIRA UE-17191 and the devs will be investigating the issue further.

I will post back here with updates as we have them.