Improving workflow

Hey guys!

Some other day I was looking at a thread about improving Blueprints workflow, can’t remember which one was it. Well, I’ve got this most simple idea, not the biggest thing on Earth, but just would like to post and see what you think:

One of the complaints about Blueprint workflow is linking nodes all day long and having to drag and drop to the right spot. This is indeed time consuming and kind of annoying if you keep missing the execution flow spot.

Well, my idea is embarassingly simple: select two nodes, in order, and hit a shortcut to connect them, something obvious like spacebar. Just that! xD But I think it could be a hell of an improvement over dragging and dropping wires. Possibly this could be applied to all types of nodes in all types of editors.

EDIT: If you drag a marquee selection to select nodes, they are connected from left to right, because most BP flow is left to right. All this could even work with more than two nodes.

Well, that’s it, I thought it was worth sharing.



If it would be possible to connect many variables of the same type and a MakeArray node with one press you would have my vote!

Yeahh! For sure it would have to have that. o/

Florencio, this is an idea so simple that it amazes me it hasn’t been thought up earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, right? I was kinda ‘No, I’m missing something, this is just too simple…’

hahaha but it would be neat =)

Great idea! +1