Improving the UI for Array defaults in BP

When populating an Array, or in my case, an Array of Structures - the UI in the Details tab is much too painful and error prone.

The basic problem is that the array member view will not stay expanded. There is no way to open all the members (expand all) and any expanded members will close after any Insert / Duplicate / Delete operation. Most of my time is spent scrolling and reopening elements so I can continue building the array.

I also need the ability to reorder array elements.

The best option for editing an array would be to open it into a matrix / spreadsheet view but this doesn’t seem to be supported in 4.9 Preview or in previous release versions.



So much this !

This is a huge pain. The way I handle it is to reparent the blueprint class to a C++ class and initialize the array in C++, but that isn’t a solution for everyone.