Improving the quality of my VR arch vis

Hi, I’ve been teaching myself for the past couple of months to make VR Arch Vis in UE4, I’m kinda happy so far but I really want to improve the quality and get to an almost photorealistic quality. If you have any criticism or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Link to a screen recording:

It looks like your walls need a higher resolution lightmap, there’s some shadows in the corners and behind things that are showing up too large

you should look for a way to show the claustrophobic smallness of this room. it seems like maybe 10 meters squared. also the boxes over the bed dont make much sense in terms of accessibility. try to add a balcony, otherwise it feels much like a prison cell. you know?

First thing you need is a good lighting bake plus a good post process vol. Current scene looks very plain.

Do you use dynamic lights only and are there many many movable objects? Unfortunately if that’s the case you won’t get a much better quality. Fully dynamic lighting has only one bounce afaik. The scene looks pretty flat regarding to lighting. Maybe reduce the intensity of the skylight and set up a few interior lights with larger radius so you have a bit more contrast in the scene.

This is a complex topic so I give you some topics to do research:

  • Lightmass importance volume,
  • Lightmass portal,
  • reflection cube
  • Stationary lights instead of movable/dynamic lights (avoid overlapping), if you use stationary lights set the dynamic shadow distance to something higher than zero to have better shadows close by (1000=10 meter).
  • any light that doesn’t turn on and off or that doesn’t move should be static. You need light maps for the assets. This is a small room but if you have larger rooms you will run into performance problems quite quickly if you have a lot of dynamic lights.
  • post process (volume)
  • use “movable” meshes only for assets that actually move. Everything else should be static.