Improving the API documentation

Hi Epic and the Community,

My proposition is as usual useful: please create a small team for improving the API documentation. Too few examples of using functions and other things. All the time, I’m discovering very useful things in the API docs. Really, it should much more friendly. Maybe, allow the Community to write some examples for each function.

All of the source code is open source, make your own commits to the source code and include comments :). Contribute to the wiki and show your examples

Yes, the documentation is in dire need of improvements.

Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions.

If you have specific feedback, please post the specific issue here to the forum and I will take care of getting a bug created for it (which then gets triaged and placed into our backlog). The more information you include (priority, scenario, specific problem you’re trying to solve, perhaps a possible example/sample), the more effectively we can triage the request.

We are actively looking at general improvements to the API documentation, but we are also interested in investing more effort into areas of the API that customers are actually using.

Thanks again,