Improving Navigation

Hey everyone!

We’re trying out something new to help you find your way around the documentation and we would love your input and feedback on it.

What is amazing, revolutionary new you ask? A sidebar navigation tree (see below).

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Ok, so it isn’t some newfangled thing no one has ever seen before, but we think it could really help people find other pages relevant to their interests. It hopefully also makes it easy to quickly see everything that is available.

The prototype shown above is just that: a prototype. It needs lots of love in the styling department and some smoothing out to make the user experience what we want it to be, but it’s a start.

So, we are totally interested in what you all think about addition and what kind of functionality you would want in a side bar like . If you have thoughts or ideas, post them below. I’ll be staring at the page waiting…


Joke aside, it is a good start indeed and it was a needed ! What comes to mind for now is a flashing N[COLOR=“#00FFFF”]E[/COLOR]W icon near the title of every recently added and updated documentation. If you dont like the idea of flashing neon lights pure red or green suits just fine as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only had to hit refresh 15 times before someone posted.

People might hunt us down us if we add a flashing icon, but a simple green icon seems like it might be a good idea. I’ll add it to the wishlist.

That looks… perfect!

I have been going through the documentation for the past few days and found that a lot of pages are only linked from within another topic, especially in the Programming section. There was no table of contents or index to quickly locate any and all topics/pages, and I must admit it was frustrating at times. I couldn’t remember which page had which link and ended up just searching for it from the main page, which works great. But for other users who are just quickly browsing the documentation they may come to the conclusion the pages just don’t exist since they are not listed. Being able to expand a category on the sidebar to see all of it’s sub categories and pages will be a huge help.

looks great ! Can’t wait to see it in action :slight_smile:

Features that would be cool:

-a search bar to easily find the right tab :slight_smile:
-a button to hide the sidebar (probably not everyone would like to use it)
-highlight the main tab that is currently opened

  • Searching just the sidebar is something we would have to look into and probably a future
  • The blue Navigation tab is actually a toggle button that shows/hides the sidebar.
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    Need to work on the styling to improve the UX there though.
  • The page you are viewing is highlighted and scrolled into view.

Was wondering if there is an Epic staff dedicated to web UX design for navigating around in documentations?

Hi .
Since the introduction of the sidebar, I no longer get the search box at the top of the page. Unlike the image you posted, I get the following:

means I have to go back to the documentation home page in order to search again. Any idea? Is just a problem at my end? I’m using Chrome on Windows 8.1.

There should be a search icon next to the “Get Unreal” button on the top right. Apparently, it disappears on a zoomed-in website. Just use the normal zoom factor in order to see it.

//Edit: It’s actually the zoom factor where the top menu options (“About”, “Learn”, “Community”, etc.) are compressed in the hamburger menu.

is correct. We have a ticket in to have the search always visible regardless of window size or zoom. I realize it is not ideal in its current state. Hopefully we will have it fixed soon.

Yep that was it. Didn’t even realise I had it zoomed in! Thanks.