Improving HighRes Screen Shot

It would be amazing if you guys could improve the High Resolution Screen Shot I feel like it is very limited. In my experience with it it tends to crash a lot even though I am running a 2080 and i7 9700k I get crashes almost every time I try to use it. I know I should turn down the multiplier but if I do the shot looks nothing like what I see in the editor. It would be amazing to have more control and better options like being able to set your resolution easier not having to go into the console. Also an improvement to Rendering Custom Depth pass would be amazing. Having better control and not having ugly pixels around the edges or a green line around it. Even though I am using ray tracing I think I should still be able to render 2 objects at a 2.5 multiplier with ought crashing every time. It would be amazing if you guys could improve on this in 2.24 or 2.24.1 or add another tool to make take nice screen shots in the editor with ought having constant crashes.