Improvements to unreal engine 4

When I open my project ,I have to open it manually . So why dont you guyz make the process of saving and opening the project a bit easy
like this :

when I hit "Save All " , it should save all the things related to my project and make a file.

So when I have to reopen my project I`ll just have to navigate to that file and it should reopen all of my project things related to that project .

sorry for my bad english

I don’t understand your problem. When you save your project, UE generates necessary files, including a “ProjectName.uproject” file. You can load the project by clicking on this file as well as from the Epic launcher. And what do you mean with “project things”?

Project files (on windows) are located under …\Documents\Unreal Projects by default. All projects generate a file called gamename.uprojet. Opening this file will open the project along with its associated engine. (Which currently - for annoying purposes unclear to me - will incessantly open that damnedable launcher.)

Projects can also be opened with both the pre-launcher, and the launcher. This is mainly for convenience.

If you had docks open when you save and close your project, it will ask if you want to restore those docks. Clicking “yes”, will restore your project to exactly where you left off.

What is the problem?

Like the Britain said. It saves to \Documents\Unreal Projects by default. It should all be there. Also no worries on the bad English. If you think you spelled a word wrong just head over to ‘Google Translate’. Here is an example. You spelled guys as guyz. Our language doesn’t spell like it is written most of the time. And I’ve been learning Russian lately, so I’ve noticed how weird English actually is. Sorry for going on but I am terribly bored.