Improvements to the "Manage" options + A more informative view for social media embeds

I’ve created a few simple concept images, showcasing some of my suggestions to improve the Epic store and launcher.

  1. Add options to “Move Install” and use “Command Line Arguments” from the “Manage” game menu

Move Install is a long-requested feature, which makes it significantly easier for users to move their games between drives on their PCs, without going through a complex method of uninstalling, moving files manually, and having to continuously restart the launcher to get it to detect the files.

Command Line Arguments is currently located in the outdated settings menu, but I feel like this would be much more useful to find in the “Manage” menu, with all the other settings specific to the selected game.

  1. Improve how information is displayed when you share Epic store links via Discord and other social media platforms which suupport embeds

Although it can seem like a minor feature, currently when you share game storepages using an URL, the information it shows isn’t very informative, and doesn’t help to sell the game as well as platforms like Steam, which show the number of recommendations, price in USD, a trailer for the game, as well as a brief game description.

Improving how embed meta data is used on social media platforms could add an additional way for developers and consumers to help market the games they share with others on social media.

Discord embed concept created using sheeptester’s discord webhook tool

  1. Improvements to how release dates are formatted for United Kingdom, Australia etc.

Release dates can be a bit confusing right now, as they’re formatted in the US date format (MM/DD/YYYY), even if you’re in the UK, Australia, or just prefer browsing with the English language option.

To solve this, I think there could either be an '“English (UK)” option, which formats all of those release dates as DD/MM/YYYY, or to use a full date when English language is selected, regardless of the user’s geographic location.

Thank you for the feedback and for providing example images to pair with it! I will be sure to get this forwarded to our engineering team for future consideration.

Hope you have a great day!