Improvements of data types for Data Tables

I recently discovered power of Data Table assets, but i got disappointed to find out it has quite limited in terms of data types that can be used in tables. Only integers, floats and strings are properly supported, i know about asset pointers but they just text input for reference path. Would be cool if you could support all data types as blueprint variables (reflection system?) or at least make asset pointer editing more comestible with drop downs and ability to incorporate UClass pointers. I know this assets tries to be compatible with CSV and there no standard way to add structs (this includes vector, rotators, color etc.) in to them, but there might be some solution for that too :slight_smile:

Not really… You can also use other aset types. For example if you want to store a material instance value, just provide the content browser path and the asset name in quotes.

See here:
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Althoguh a bit more convinience would be nice, like a little lightweight grid style spreadsheet editor inside UE4…

Read the sentence to the end :stuck_out_tongue: