Improvements for Modeling Tools Plugin

I have tried the Modeling Tools Plugin a bit and think it’ll be a powerful addition to the Unreal Engine. Here are some feedback that I have found thus far.

  1. When Baking Vertex colors It’d be nice to have more control over the Curvature Output. Editing these settings currently displays very little difference on a several different assets.

  2. When Baking Vertex colors using Ambient Occlusion in a specific Channel, Let’s say Green, it adds Green vertex color to the entire mesh and then black vertex color to the occluded areas. It would be awesome if this could be inverted, so the selected channel, in this case Green, would be painted into the occluded area instead of black.

  3. When displacing a mesh with a 2D Texture it produces visible seams on the mesh where the UV seams go. It’d be great if there was a tri planar mapping solution for this.