improvement advice?


Complete beginner here. I was just wondering if you had any advice on how to improve the quality of this work. Any comments appreciated!

In particular, I’m aiming for improving lighting and post-processing. Ultimately I also want the post processing to match the spirit of these photos.


you need the proper lighting for what lighting fixtures are in the scene, that will help it look much more realistic. Right now it looks like you have a light outside of the scene and it’s casting light through the ceiling.

First, thank you darthviper107 for the quick response!

I am missing light sources from the four flushmounts in the main room. Originally I had spotlights in each, but I was noticing that the lights were too harsh. The fan’s still has a spotlight though (M.Roughness: 0.6, Source Radius: 10, Intensity: 3000). Currently, the flushmounts are simply using emissive light materials instead. The scene also has Static skylight. The spotlight current settings are from trying to improve the smoothness of the lighting.

I will try what you recommend, but do you have any recommendations on how to properly produce flushmount light?

I would remove the skylight since it’s not really doing anything (usually causes problems if it’s not an exterior scene) and then place lights over where the sources are. Make sure the light radius is adjusted so that you don’t get harsh lighting, and make sure to set the color of the lights as well. Make sure the emissive material of the lights has a high enough intensity so that they look bright.

Thanks! I’ll post the updates here later to see what you think.

What would be the best way to visualize and produce light emitting from outside then? I also have a directional light in the photos above.

They have some skylight portals I believe that you would place on the windows outside, there can be some problems though with meshes if you don’t have outer walls to block lighting.