Improved text with emoticons

Hey everyone,
Recently I wanted to create more fancy text field with all emoticons inside like it is in many, many popular games.



Starcraft 2


Dragon Quest Builders


By the way I don’t understand why this is not exposed in UMG.

Anyway I look into this yesterday and I was able to add some Decorators which are working amazingly well. I was also able to expose 210 slate images which can be used in the package build and standard textures (460 by default) and custom textures as well.

Package project:

Editor UMG preview:

I wonder if someone ever wanted to create user chat with emoticons inside. I did this 3 years ago but then it was with HUD drawing and measuring every letter. Probably not the most efficient.
This solution is much simpler and perform sweet.

I don’t spend on it too much time so maybe it is already available in UE4.15 or there are different ways to achieve the effect I posted above. (outline + emoticons - adjusted size)

If someone needs this as well I will post this today as a plugin.

Looks pretty nice! Would use it :wink:

OK! Good! Because if no one needs it there is no reason to post it .
I had problem with outline effect before. But since in 4.15 outline settings are available in Appearance rest was easy to do.

Really good job!
I’d use it too for sure :slight_smile:
Btw is it working on shipping builds right?

Yes it’s working with shipping builds. There is no sense to make something which is not working with shipping build :wink: So I am using all Slate which are added to the build and all default engine content. It is possible to use 700+ icons/textures and just add custom one.
You can also make different sets of textures duplicating parent and changing Default icon array.

That sounds pretty, PRETTY cool :smiley:

I literally just finished a solution using icon fonts… It took a bit of trickery to get it working, but it works well. Not as colorful as image based emoticons, though!

Hmm that sounds also cool. So you are using materials to show specific icons instead of letters right?
Anyway my solution just extends Richtextblock for Hyperlinks and Images which is available in Slate by default.
Happy Easter by the way!

Happy Easter!

I’m literally just using an icon font, so icons end up being solid colored. If I put more love into it, I could color them, I suppose… but I was just going for simple and fast for general UI design.

But are you still able to use all other letters ABCDE…? What about other signs like -,.;’]?

Since it’s a font, you can work with it just like any other font. So you’d just mix and match fonts, for example, icon and “normal” fonts. Some icon fonts do have standard alphanumeric and symbol characters, though. Your mileage may vary, depending on the source icon font. I stepped away from this for a bit, but once I work out a more simple n’ standard workflow, I was going to whip a tutorial.

Hey guys. I am continuing topic in this video. I also created next video from this series and thinking seriously about submission to the marketplace. Let me know what do you think!

for fancy cool text i use this site

ⓣⓗⓐⓣⓢ ⓢⓞ ⓒⓞⓞⓛ :wink:

Just a PSA, these plugins may not receive updates or support. I am still waiting on a early purchase and no updates, only the original UE4.15 version for me from February 2017. I appreciate the videos and the authors work, so I jumped and regret it now. Hopefully this story will turn around and have a happier ending.

Update to my PSA, progress:

Thank you for supporting your plugin. Please consider fixing the following
Issue (Significant): You don’t have any announcement of new versions, so how do I know when it is updated
Issue (Significant): You don’t use the EngineVersion key in the uplugin “EngineVersion” : “4.17.0”.
Issue (Please consider): You don’t offer access to a private repository. Other plugin authors do this and I never have to ask for the latest etc. I can also provide pull requests
Issue (Concerning): Never use LOL in support conversations, conveys the wrong message to a customer.

How does it convey the wrong message? Laughing out loud, expressing that something was funny. Sure it may not look very professional but is that really something to… bring up in a… PSA? :rolleyes:

Ok thank you for. I will send email every time new version is available!
By the way, both plugins are updated to 4.18 version

wow cool , how to do it ~~~~