Improved data table editor

I would really love if we could get a built in data table editor that works like the object editor in Bethesda’s engine.


I want search thru columns :confused:

That’s a good plugin idea…!


OpenOffice is free :slight_smile:

Yeah I know but the things I want to put in my datatable end up being a long string of numbers like ((246777631489747=1)) and it’s a pain in the a typing that into a spreadsheet. I’d rather be able to choose from lists of variables or type in a textbox instead of messing around in spreadsheets.

Hi Althaen,

We do have a data table editor, but is there any particular functionality you would like to see implemented in it?

I’d mostly like an easier to use interface because it’s quite a hassle having to scroll down when you have a lot of things in your datatable. Also when you try to add elements to an array in your table every change you make collapses that element and have to click the dropdown arrow again.

Some things I think would be helpful:

  • Be able to categorize variables into different tabs or sections that you could customize.
  • Be able to have say buttons to add new types of things to your datatable. Like weapons/armour/etc. that take certain values from the table but not others and maybe have default values for each type.

The way I have my datatable is that I add variables my items need as arrays of structs for booleans/floats/etc that I use enums to select, that way I can add only the variables that they need.
I don’t know if you’d find that as a good idea or not though.

I have entered a feature request to be considered by the development staff. This can be found here.