Hi Guys!

I have few ideas how to improve the video games so let me know your thoughts whether it’s feasible or not and mainly if they’re whether somebody of you’re willing to turn some of them into reality and actually develop it for use of us all.

Continuous culling

Instead of areas with richer vegetation closer to player and more sparse at longer distances where is the border firmly set just make a simple script where the vegetation will be continuously thiner and thiner with every inch so there’d be no visible border to see ( which disturbs greatly ) and thus much better and realistic looking and maybe it even save some hardware resources as well. I think it should be very easy to develop it and it’d greatly contribute to visuals and realism of games.

Infinite number of poly models

To make script that’d compute lower and lower poly models from super high poly model continuously in real time so there’d be no need for creation of low poly models anymore so it’d save a lot of work in the model creation process and it’d looks great in the game so it’d bring into games super detailed/realistic models and extremely far distance view and make the games far more realistic so basically it’d change the games into simulations. So if you’d approach close enough to model it’d be super detailed and realistic and as you go further from it it’d turn eventually into super low poly model on the horizon in the far distance so it’d save a lot of resources and looks much better and realistic.

Unique objects

Make script that’d generate infinite number of unique objects like characters, vehicles, buildings, vegetation etc. so you’d just setup max and min values let’s say for enemies in the game for their heigh, weight, face, clothes, weapons etc. and it’d generate and supply you in real time in the game with infinite number of unique and various enemies or other objects so it’d be much more fun and realistic than these days when you still meet the boring uniform objects and enemies over and over again almost in every single game.

Equations instead textures

Instead textures that use significant amount of hardware resources make the tool that’d analyze the texture and try to compute the equation that could be used instead texture itself so every time the game would need to load the texture it would load just the equation of the texture and will compute the texture from that equation and apply it to the mesh. The equation itself would take just the fraction of texture size so instead megabytes it’d take just kilobytes or instead kilobytes of texture it’d take just bytes. It’d work that way that first in texture creation process it would be needed to compute the equation of the texture that’d take a lot of time and resources to not just compute the equation of texture but make it super fast for decoding in the game to save resources further. But isn’t it basically just texture compression as we know it these days? But I’m talking here to shrink it not just 2/5/10/100 times like in the case of standard compression but thousands times or even more to get physically achievable maximum and still be super fast to decompress it so I think it’d just take much more time at the beginning of the texture creation process to compute it but later it’d save a lot of resources. And it could be loss less and loss compression as well.

At the end I’m adding something not regarded directly to video games.

Variable video stream format

To make video format where’d be possible to stream various low quality videos from the original single one high quality video file so you’d just setup or it’d auto detect your internet connection speed and you’d just start downloading part of the stream and get lower quality video and there’d be infinite number of possibilities how big part of the stream you’d be able to download and what quality video you’d get. So there’d be no need to uploading various video formats of your video so you’d upload just one file with full quality and other people would stream it in quality that would allows their bandwidth.