Improved Autosave

One problem that I am running into is that the editor autosave feature is firing off while the engine is trying to compile shaders. Could we add a feature to the autosave that it will wait to start until AFTER the compile shaders routine runs to completion BEFORE we start the autosave?

I would like also the ability to stop some lightening and the others computation tasks , you have a progress bar without any button to cancel them.

It has to do with autosaving. If you cancel the save operation when it is doing computationally expensive tasks, there is a high risk that your save will become corrupted due to incomplete saving. Building/compiling code is fine to cancel, because it creates a new DLL each time regardless, but saving does not produce new copies of the save.

That is my guess on why there’s no cancelling feature for auto save.

autosave is the first thing I uncheck or disable when creating a project, just remember to save often and you’re fine

Ya, this is probably the way to go at this point. It just seems silly to me to have a great feature like autosave that gets tangled up in editor when it’s compiling shaders. Sometimes I can catch the autosave and shut it down but that 10 second notice is a bit short for me. It would be nice if you could set the warning time delay in a configuration file to be a bit longer than 10 seconds.

Cancelling lightening calculation or any task should be possible, so you could change settings and launch a new calculation. Today you must close Unreal 4 editor to cancel a task :frowning:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your request, I have entered a feature request, UE-14095 to be considered by the development staff.