Improve UMG

Widgets still can’t receive Input Mapping Actions and You have to check within Event Tick, whether a Button is held down.

I’d also like to have an option to make Widgets replicated. Games that have a shared camera and should pause the game when Widget is opened need replicated Widgets.

Widgets can listen for Input Mapping Actions, ListenForInputAction. This is limited a bit, in that it wont work when paused or in UI only mode, but it exists.

Widgets won’t ever be replicated. Developers should choose what state they wish to mirror between clients and have the UI reflect that state on other users’ machines.

I think native controller navigation support would be something good.

Thanks for the information. Well, there is no option for syncing Widgets at all.
Actors have a boolean “replicates”. Something similar for widgets would be nice, because Showing the inventory on all clients is hard to make, and synchronizing the Widgets kind of impossible.