Improve the template

Hi @all,

I have a small job offering: Currently my company is working on a proof of concept for a virtual reality simulation. The task is quite simple I need someone who can alter an existing well organized environment template which is currently available in the Unreal Marketplace. Here are some short about what needs to be done:

  • Adding a small Intro with the company logo animation (animation is finished can be exported in every video format) before the level is loaded
  • Adding some ambient sounds to the level
  • Adding another skybox with a rain effect
  • Redo some parts of the level (deleting stairs, making the map flat)
  • Adding some already finished character models and animate them with existing animations (to get some live into the level)
  • Setup a new player character (also with a finished character model) and attach the camera to the head
  • Attach a walking and an idle animation to this character
  • Export it for android and pc
  • Deliver the whole final project file

So far so good. If you need some further informations, just send me a pm. The project needs to be finished as soon as possible :slight_smile:

With best regards

“a virtual reality simulation.”

does it have to be with occulas support?

Hi, yes there needs some kind of oculus player controller :slight_smile: But theres a controller template arround in this forums for month which can solve this problem quite easily.

I’ve sent you a PM.