Improve the fullscreen menu

I think the “enable fullscreen” menu should only be visible on the main window or only on the scene tab.
Since it always fullscreen the main window, it sounds more logical to have it like that.
Other way should to have it everywhere like it is actually, but fullscreen the window where it is called.

I am a bit confused by your post, and would like to understand what you are attempting to request a bit better. You mention the fullscreen menu, but would you mind elaborating with specifics like where this menu you are referencing is located, and how you want this to function when used versus its default behavior?

Just in case you were not aware before, you can use the F11 hotkey to toggle Fullscreen mode off and on.

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

Ah yea, I didn’t understood it enabled on all window (main + floating).
But it has one issue on Windows system, if you maximize one floating window (not the main) it’s not fully maximized, it maximize until the Windows menu bar.
At the end the fullscreen mode is only a borderless windowed and it change that on all actual floating windows, when I read fullscreen I thought it was a real fullscreen mode which removes the title bar.