Improve the API documentation

Generally speaking, I’d like to see more robustness to the online documentation of the UE4 API.

For the most part, the online documentation for blueprint nodes and C++ nodes is merely just a repost of the in-editor documentation or a parsed copy of the C++ header file comments. I can find those quite easily already within the editor or by looking at the source code header files. The online API documentation should expand a bit more on it by giving additional details or notes.

Here’s a concrete example of what I’m talking about:

AI Move To

So, if you look up this link, you can see all of the input parameters for the AI Move To blueprint node. All of the data in this page just describes the variable name and the variable type for the input and output parameters. That’s not helpful at all.

At the top of the page, I’d like to see a 1-2 sentence paragraph which briefly describes when and how to use the node. As a general requirement, it should also display which header file the node is defined in so that I can look it up within visual studio. If the documentation is lacking, I can at least look into the implementation details to piece together what the function does and how its used. In this case, I can only guess at where the node is defined: Is it within the AIController.h file? Maybe its a part of the movement component code? Maybe its in a GameplayStatics function? Maybe its within the navigation code? I have no idea.

Crowd sourced knowledge: Just as well, if I learn something important about a particular API call, I should be able to add a user note to the online documentation page (similar to how MSDN does it). This can be moderated if spam / abuse becomes a problem.

In the case of this particular “AI Move To” node, I want to know more about what caused a particular error so that I can handle it. All I get at the moment is an enumeration which returns {“Success”, “Aborted”, “Blocked”}. As the user of this node, I want to know why a movement command was aborted. Was it unreachable? Did it time out? Was it off the nav mesh? Did the actor die? If its blocked, why is it blocked? Was the path invalidated? Why did the navigation path plot a path which isn’t solvable? etc. etc. This kind of knowledge should be documented / discoverable.

Well, I will still suguest Unreal Engine API documentation in Dash - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums XD I think it is more good than a chm this days… xD